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Direct esterification of succinic acid with phenol using zeolite beta catalyst

SD Le, S Nishimura, K Ebitani - Catalysis Communications, 2019
Direct esterification of succinic acid with phenol in the presence of zeolite catalysts
was explored. H+-zeolite β (SiO 2/Al 2 O 3= 150) has emerged as the most effective
solid acid catalyst, affording 96% yield of diphenyl succinate. The catalyst could be …

Zeolite-supported silver as antimicrobial agents

P Dutta, B Wang - Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2019
Use of silver for medical and water purification dates back to thousands of years.
During 18th to early 20th century, silver was used for wound management. With the
advent of organic antimicrobials, the use of silver faded. Recently, the interest in …

Multilamellar and pillared titanium Silicalite-1 with long-range order of zeolite nanosheet layers: Synthesis and catalysis

W Wu, DT Tran, X Wu, SC Oh, M Wang, H Chen… - … and Mesoporous Materials, 2019
Abstract Titanium silicalite-1 (TS-1) nanosheets can be synthesized from the
precursor gels containing a diquaternary ammonium template in hydroxide form. The
TS-1 nanosheets tend to form unilamellae interconnected in disordered aggregates …

[PDF] Cryo-TEM and Electron Tomography Reveal Pore Formation in ZSM-5 Zeolite

LI Teng, H Wu, F Krumeich, P Bomans, N Sommerdijk… - Journal of Materials …, 2019
Zeolites are the catalytic workhorses of the refinery and chemicals production
industry. Their inherent micropores lead to remarkable shape-selectivity, but also
present diffusion limitations on reactions. One scalable approach to further their …

Efficient and controllable alcoholysis of Kraft lignin catalyzed by porous zeolite-supported Nickel-Copper catalyst

L Kong, CZ Liu, J Gao, Y Wang, L Dai - Bioresource Technology, 2019
The alcoholysis of Kraft lignin was catalyzed by bimetallic Ni-Cu supported on H-
Beta, HZSM-5, MAS-7, MCM-41 and SAPO-11 zeolite materials in isopropanol
solvent. Results showed that a higher bio-oil yield of 98.80 wt.% and monomer yield …

Olefin Selective Ag-exchanged X-type Zeolite Membrane for Propylene/Propane and Ethylene/Ethane Separation

M Sakai, Y Sasaki, T Tomono, M Seshimo… - ACS Applied Materials & …, 2019
Propylene/propane and ethylene/ethane separation were examined with Ag-
exchanged X-type zeolite membrane (Ag-X membrane). Na-X membrane was
prepared on a porous tubular α-alumina support by a secondary growth method. The …

Chabazite Type Zeolite Membranes for Effective CO2 Separation: The Roles of Hydrophobicity and Defect Structure

M Lee, S Hong, D Kim, E Kim, K Lim, JC Jung… - ACS Applied Materials & …, 2019
Chabazite (CHA) type zeolites are promising for the separation of CO2 from larger
molecules, such as N2 (relevant to post-combustion carbon capture) and CH4
(relevant to natural gas/biogas upgrading). In particular, the pore size of CHA …

Inactivation of phosphorus in the sediment of the Lake Taihu by lanthanum modified zeolite using laboratory studies

X Li, Q Xie, S Chen, M Xing, T Guan, D Wu - Environmental Pollution, 2019
Release of phosphorus (P) from sediment to overlying water has to be dealt with to
address algal blooms in eutrophic lakes. In this study, the sediment from the Lake
Taihu was amended with lanthanum modified zeolite (LMZ) to reduce P release …

Exceptional Activity for Formaldehyde Combustion Using Siliceous Beta Zeolite as a Catalyst Support

L Zhang, Y Jiang, BB Chen, C Shi, Y Li, C Wang, S Han… - Catalysis Today, 2019
There is a critical need for improving catalyst activity for formaldehyde combustion
due to the importance of enhancing the quality of indoor air in daily life. However, the
current catalysts are either low activity (higher than room temperature) or high …

Efficient oxygen reduction reaction catalyst derived from ZnO@ zeolite imidazolate framework nanowire composite

H Huang, Y Li, N Wang, S Chen, C Wang, T Ma - Inorganic Chemistry …, 2019
The oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) is one of the core reactions that occur in fuel
cells and metal air batteries. Metal-free catalysts such as porous carbons are
promising candidates for ORR and the performance of porous carbons strongly …


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